The company was born out of academia with an aim of exploring the impact of digital media on learning and communication. At QuickSticks Media we understand your goals & objectives and apply our digital skills to grow your business.

A leading international digital marketing agency specializing in cutting edge digital internet marketing consulting. We aim to leverage companies and brands in the digital field through our specialist knowledge of digital marketing strategy and experience developing end-to- end digital marketing solutions

Idea - Cracking the big idea
for your campaign or brand

Plan - Ensuring common purpose
and success during each stage.

Create - It’s around brainstorms,
jokes and finally WOW!

Execute - Launch the
campaign, run the ad.


Elemental in CPA based marketing is the focus on lead quality to support the acquisition goals for our clients by collecting details of prospect customers who have expressed an interest in a particular product and service and consented to be contacted. They are then nurtured over time towards conversion, and then ongoing to become a loyal repeat purchasing customer.


Thanks to the rapid growth of smartphones, brands have a growing opportunity to reach and engage with customers more directly. Using our Mobile Marketing services we can help you capitalize on this by delivering the optimal mobile marketing campaign possible for your website and/or app.

What else do we do?

Search Engine Optimisation

Pay Per Click Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Email Marketing

Digital consulting


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