Elemental in CPA based marketing is the focus on lead quality to support the acquisition goals for our clients by collecting details of prospect customers who have expressed an interest in a particular product and service and consented to be contacted. They are then nurtured over time towards conversion, and then ongoing to become a loyal repeat purchasing customer.



Our Lead Generation Program enhances your newsletter mailing list, acquiring the details of a specific customer group, or building an email database of highly segmented sales prospects.

Successful lead generation depends on choosing the right target audience, creating high-impact and relevant digital messages, and understanding your prospects’ buying behavior. It’s also vital to capture data at every stage of the lead generation process to help you continuously improve your messaging.

To meet these goals, our fully-managed lead generation nurture program targets specific audiences with the right messaging. This creates a personal connection with the brand and generates customer insights to help you shape how you communicate.

As a retained media client, you also have free access to our data analytics team who can provide in-depth reporting and behavioral insight to help fine-tune online acquisition targeting and creative online messaging.

  • Data-driven marketing approach captures data throughout the lead generation process to ensure you understand your sales prospects fully.
  • Improve your digital messages and targeting to accelerate customer acquisition and win exceptionally high conversion rates.
  • Save costs by paying only for valid active leads.
  • Deliver dynamic banner and microsite content such as flash sale prices and updatable product sets.
  • Understand the impact of email on sales across other channels/marketing activity and control cookie tracking.
  • Comply with all legal requirements - including ongoing review of online marketing campaign activity through our legal department.

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